Deason Garner & Hansen Law Firm offers professional fiduciary services in Yuma, Arizona, which can help get things done when you are either incapacitated or deceased.

Many individuals that we meet with often ask us to take the driver’s seat in their plan. Either they are hesitant to name individuals that they know to be a fiduciary under their plan or maybe they trust us to make the right decisions. After all, we have a history of experience and we helped our clients develop and implement their plan.

What better way to feel comforted knowing that your plan will be managed according to your wishes than by naming Deason Garner & Hansen Law Firm as your plan’s fiduciary? Fiduciary service protections are an additional service that our attorneys offers to our clients for a reasonable fee, deducted from the estate at the time of administration.

Contact us at (928) 783-4575 to learn more about fiduciary services and schedule an appointment with Shawn D. Garner and Adam D. Hansen.

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