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Client Testimonials

At Deason Garner, we pride ourselves on an unmatched standard of quality Estate Planning services. These testimonials are a snapshot of the positive feedback we receive.  You can read more reviews from the community on our Facebook page and Google page

I want to thank Shawn Garner for all the information and time he took to explain everything I didn't understand about Medicaid and Wills.  He was very professional and very friendly.  Enjoyed my appointment and working with Shawn."

-- Connie Glynn

"My wife and I had never made out a Will or did any estate planning. After having two children and accumulating some assets, we needed to put something down on paper. A friend talked me into attending one of Larry’s seminars. I was very impressed in how organized the seminar was and how much experience Larry had in Estate Planning.

Estate Planning is not just for my wife and myself, it’s for our children and the people that will have to take care of them. I believe that doing your estate planning is a gift to your family.

Larry and his staff were professional and fast. He is helpful, informative, reasonable and no B.S. I would recommend the Deason Garner Law Firm to anyone."

-- Craig and Angie Alameda

"I’m thankful I have peace of mind knowing that my family will be taken care of.” said Travis Smith who owns and operates Yuma Farm & Home Supply. According to the hard-working entrepreneur, “when I took over the family business, I knew I needed to set up an Estate Plan. In this busy life, it’s one less thing to worry about. If something were to happen to me, my wife Karry will be able to care for our children without the headache and heartache of Probate. I chose the Deason Garner Law Firm to do my planning because Estate Planning is what they do. Larry had also provided my Dad with quality legal services. This is a serious matter, yet we were comfortable in our discussions with Larry.

The staff is friendly and professional. YES—we highly recommend the Deason Garner Law Firm to anyone in need of Estate Planning.”

-- Travis Smith – Yuma Farm & Home Supply

“When Charles and I got ready to do our Estate Planning we decided to choose an Attorney who was experienced in estate planning. We didn’t need an attorney who specialized in other areas of the law. Some people said we could get it cheaper but the people at the Deason Garner Law Firm know their stuff, especially Larry Deason.

We are going through a situation with the death of a loved one right now. She had her planning done over 30 years ago by a well meaning attorney, but as it turns out the documents don’t say what we all thought they said.

It’s so important to have your estate plan reviewed periodically to make sure it says what you want. We chose the Deason Garner Law Firm because estate planning is what they do. Mr. Deason stays up to date on current estate planning issues. He is right here in Yuma and he will be here when we need him.”

Carolyn Knowlton

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After researching estate planning, my husband and I contacted Deason Garner Law Firm and were pleasantly surprised at the relative ease of setting up a Living Trust. All of the personnel we met at the firm, including but not limited to, Adam and Ashley, went above and beyond their assigned duties to make this happen for us. We feel confident in their expertise in this area and feel that we have made two new friends in Yuma! Thank you! K. Knight

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